IGNITE Bootcamp - Designed for Teens and Young Adults

IGNITE Bootcamp - Designed for Teens and Young Adults

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Ignite your passion and unleash your potential with the AEA Ignite Bootcamp, a transformative program designed specifically for teenagers and young adults.

In just seven days, participants engage in a daily intentional practice centered around aspiration, gratitude, and mission, resulting in a proven 32% increase in happiness and fulfillment, as supported by our clinical study.

Through a dynamic blend of interactive activities, mentorship, and practical guidance, participants discover their unique sense of purpose and cultivate the energy needed to pursue it wholeheartedly.

Unleash your inner drive, unlock your boundless potential, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment in this life-changing boot camp.

Frequently Asked Questions about this program:

What does the AEA IGNITE bootcamp include?

The AEA IGNITE Bootcamp is a 7-day program. The Bootcamp uses the concept of intentional practice about a subject matter for a consistent period of time to change behavior or mindset.  We use video, the written word, best practices, and then most importantly scenario analysis questions to put the teen in action-based exercises where they are responding to concepts like school, relationships, self, and future in ways that have a gratitude, aspiration, and a mission component.  We take these things that they already think about daily and put a different lens and frame on them to generate different mental energy.

 Where does the Bootcamp take place?

What sets the AEA IGNITE Bootcamp apart is its virtual format, allowing participants to partake in the program from the comfort of their own homes. This accessibility ensures that participants from all walks of life can take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

How often does the Bootcamp take place?

The AEA IGNITE Bootcamp is daily over a 7-day period.

 How much time should my teen/young adult allocate to this program?

We recommend around 20 minutes a day to successfully complete the curriculum.

 When does the Bootcamp start?

The AEA IGNITE Bootcamp starts on your own time. You choose your start date. We are ready to help you start the program when your teen or young adult is ready to start.

 How many people will participate in the Bootcamp?

The AEA IGNITE Bootcamp is an individual program, although there may be several teens who are working on the program at the same time.

 Is there a money-back guarantee?

We are confident that your teen will discover a new perspective in their life as they go through this program. From a clinical study, 32% reported an increase in happiness and fulfillment.

 How much does it cost?

The AEA IGNITE Bootcamp is $250.

 Send us a message if you have questions: aea@theaeainstitute.org